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Wheel Details

G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

Keep your cat active and happy with a Ferris Cat Wheel. New DELUXE wheelbase with 6 skatewheels positioned within the wheelbase legs for max support and safety! Our G5 white wheel pieces simply slide together and are reinforced with bolt assembly hardware (no mallet needed !) which makes the wheel strong and sturdy. EVA stick-on padding lets them move with ease and comfort. Wheel performance is robust enough to handle the fast runners, and yet smooth enough to enable 5 week old kittens to enjoy the wheel!

Ferris Cat Wheel is designed for all pets up to 25 lbs. and is intended for indoor use.

The latest G5 Ferris Cat Wheel is a fabulous exercise wheel especially designed for your cats but is also suitable for many other types of pets up to 25lbs. The wheel provides safe indoor exercise, fun and mental stimulation for indoor cats - the wheel is recommended for indoor use only. Energetic breeds (like bengals, sphynx, savannahs to name just a few) take easily and quickly to the wheel, however most indoor cats, will take to the wheel with a bit of initiation and training (which actually builds strong bonds between you and your cat).

The wheels are constructed with quality material and are relatively lightweight yet strong and stable. The Ferris Cat Wheel has a proven track record for safety. With proper assembly, placement and maintenance, this wheel NEVER tips or derails! Our latest G5 wheel model boasts EASY ASSEMBLY (no mallet needed to assemble the white wheel!)

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Wheelbase: 6 skatewheels
Hardware: All included with wheel kit
Wheel: High quality ABS plastic white
Manufacturer: Ferris Cat Wheel Malaysia
Available: Through distributors and Direct from manufacturer when distributor is absense