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International Distributor

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Direct from Manufacture:



UK Distributor
Cazami Cat Exercise Wheel
Contact person: Nicola Hayes
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cazamicatexercisewheel
Email: cazamibengals@aol.com


New Zealand Distributor
abraCATabra Ltd
Contact person: Petr Valenta
Contact number: +64275110311

Feline Focus
Contact person: Christina Kelliher
Facebook: www.facebook.com/felinefocus
Email: christina@felinefocus.co.nz


Finland Distributor:

Maailmalla suositut Ferris-juoksupyörät nyt myös Suomesta.
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Holland (The Netherlands) and Belgium Distributor:

Quality Cat Products

Website: www.qualitycat-krabpalen.nl

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/qualitycatkrabpalen


 Germany and Austria Distributor 

Website: https://www.qualitycat-krabpalen.nl/ferris-katzenlaufrad-cat-wheel-deutschland-germany

France Distributor
Nature Foods For Pets
Email: isabelle@naturefoodsforpets.fr


North America  distributor

ZiggyDoo Cat Boutique
Contact:  Elizabeth Gujdan & Nikita